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RFID Experience


When was the last time you printed an access map, looked up a word in a "real" dictionary, or went to the bank to make a payment? Right!
OK, everything is getting seamlessly integrated in smart devices, making our lives more convenient (as long as you don't lose the device...).

But why, and we think this is very strange, don't we see this convenience at Japanese events where you still have to buy paper tickets, pass by a counter, pay with hard-earned cash and generate no big data for the event organizer.

We developed for Pommery an entirely cashless customer experience based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology:
Tickets were only available online with credit card payment generating automatically a digital QR code >> With this QR code guests obtained access to the venue and received a RFID wristband containing a defined set of consumptions >> At each counter the consumption was deducted from the wristband and guests could charge their wristband with extra consumptions at dedicated charging stations.

The RFID technology was also used for a lottery where guests could participate by only tapping their wristband to a RFID reader.

Sounds all very simple and convenient (that's after all the purpose), but because RFID solutions are not commercially available off-the-shelf we had to develop everything in-house:
- online shop
- online ticketing (QR code)
- wristband with mifare ultralight C chip
- UI design (on Famoco readers & writers)
- staff training
- lottery app (design & RFID integration)

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