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Belgian Beer Weekend

Have you ever tried to browse through a booklet of 36 pages with a beer in 1 hand? Well, take our word for it; it is extremely clumsy! That’s why we developed BBWalker, the one and only official app of the Belgian Beer Weekend bundling all the info you need to know to enjoy the event: what to drink & eat, which bands are playing, the floor map and your very own beer monitor (a mirror of your health monitor). All info is neatly organized per city, making it by far the smartest tool to find your way through the event.

No need to be clumsy! Get that beer in 1 hand and browse the app with your other hand. It doesn’t matter whether you left or right-handed. Drink & explore! Already 30,000 people are a part of this new movement.

And by the way, the app also uses beacon technology --- download the app free of charge here!

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