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Event Experience (zoning)

Belgian Beer Weekend

One of the critical success factors for an event is the atmosphere. Creating a great “event experience” (within tight budgets) is probably one of the larger challenges for today’s event organizers. Each visitor has expectations and as an event organizer it is essential to exceed these expectations. It is not only about drinking, eating or listening to a live band; all these elements have to fit nicely together in a greater whole.
With the Belgian Beer Weekend we always want to stand out from the event crowd and implement new concepts. After all that’s why we started with central cashing operations, tokens, a glass rinser system, an event app with beacon technology, ...
We are also very proud of our “zoning”, dedicated areas within the event that breathe a different atmosphere and experience. You are definitely at the wrong address if you are looking for the classic benches and tables at Belgian Beer Weekend… we rather want you to lounge on our pallets.