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Shop Concept


We know the Belgian ice cream producer "Glacio" already for quite some time. The company's history dates back to 1972 and since 1983 they have been producing the famous Mövenpick ice cream of Schöller (you know the company with the cool retro logo). In early 2000 Schöller was taken over by the Nestle Group and since 2003 Glacio has been producing ice cream under its own label(s).

Traditionally known as a B2B ice cream producer, Glacio asked our help to create a consumer brand for “Glacio”. What started with a simple logo implementation has developed into an entire rebranding globally. The entire rebranding exercise ultimately led to the creation of a Glacio shop concept with the actual opening of the first Glacio Ice Cream Shop in Hong Kong in the summer of 2013.

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