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By now you definitely know; we are event management wizards :)

Putting our money where our mouth is, recently we managed 3 back-to-back events in 48 hours, processing an impressive 1,653 event check-ins, all effortlessly managed with our very own versatile event management software, eventstacks.io

In case you wouldn't know, Access Stack is our cutting-edge accreditation & ticketing system generating unique QR code ID’s for seamless event check-ins. Not yet impressed?
Well, add to that our module for gala dinners and you can smartly print on-site tickets with table & seat numbers upon reading the QR. If you are more into congresses, don't worry either... our top-up module for congresses includes the feature to print on-site badge labels upon QR code validation. Same QR, different print outputs!!

If all this sounds too nice...ever wondered how to smoothly process over 750 guests in just 30 minutes without the stress? Call us and sleep better with eventstacks.io :)

Event Stacks

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